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Sponge Counter Caddy

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Sponge Counter Caddy provides a sterile, convenient method to keep track of surgical sponges in an Operating Room environment. It can be mounted from an existing rack or taped to the back table drape for easy access, saving labor and effort. Sponges can be counted visually, and the Caddy is fully compatible with RF and barcode tracking systems, which helps reduce the possibility of sponges being misplaced. The Sponge Counter Caddy can be packaged and sterilized as part of a custom procedure or sponge package so they’re available and ready for use.

  • Provides an effective means of tracking surgical sponges
  • Saves labor and effort
  • Can be hung by holes or attached by adhesive strip
  • Perforated for easy removal and disposal
  • Can be added to sponge or procedure tray
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