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Polypropylene Micro-Perf Bread Bags

Polypropylene Micro-Perf Bread Bags

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

Micro perforations throughout the bag let in just enough air to keep the bread crusty.

With our Micro-Perf bags, crusty bread can stay crisp without losing freshness.  

The hi clarity polypropylene is a great way to display bread.  Customers can see what they are buying clearly without the need to remove the product from the bags.  This has the added benefit of inspiring consumer confidence when compared to open-ended paper bags.  And the micro perforations allow the aroma of fresh baked bread to fill your store.

Our wicketed package makes it fast and easy to load the bread into the bags, then seal them closed with either our thermal impulse heat sealer, handy twist ties or easy, secure bag taping machines.

Free samples are available upon request.

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