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Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly Bags

When your bag simply must conform to the shape of your box or product, gusseted bags are a good, affordable option in stock flexible packaging. The secret is in the seal. The gussets are permanently formed into the bottom of the polyethylene bag, thus eliminating the "dog ears" commonly associated with flat poly bags.

All of our gusseted bags are made from virgin LDPE resin which is approved by both the FDA and USDA for contact with products intended for human consumption. Even if you aren't packaging consumables, the quality of this raw material improves the consistency of gauge, clarity and strength throughout each and every bag.

8" x 3" x 15" 2 Mil Gusseted Bags

For Frozen Food

We put frozen vegetables and frozen breaded chicken in these bags and they work out great. Thanks so much

100% of 100

12" x 8" x 30" 2 Mil Gusseted Bags

5 Stars!

To bag fresh dog kibble

100% of 100

4" x 2" x 8" 3 Mil Gusseted Bags

Excellent Product For A Great Price!

We use the 3 mil gusseted bags to package our product, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves. It is the perfect size for our packs of 3 sleeves and gives our product a high quality look on the shelves.

100% of 100

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