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1 Mil Gusseted Bags

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Items 1-50 of 54

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Affordable protection from dirt and moisture in low impact environments.

  • High Quality 1 Mil (.001") LDPE
  • Gussets Can Conform Nicely Inside of a Box or Outside of a Product
  • Good Industrial Clarity
  • Heat Sealable
  • Made from 100% Virgin Raw Materials
  • FDA and USDA Approved
  • Excellent For Retail Display or Storage of Bulky or Odd Shaped Items
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Dimensions Listed in Inches
  • First Two Dimensions Represent the Total Bag Opening

Dimension clarification: The first number is the flat width. The second number is the "gusset", or the measurement of the plastic that goes in and out on one side. The third number is the bag length. Add an extra .25 to .5 inch to your length for critical dimensions to make allowance for the space required for the seal.


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