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Poly Bags Custom Packaging

Create your own custom bag design

These are our size and thickness capabilities:

We Can Print One Color or Full Color Artwork

Choose Your Thickness from 0.75 - 8 Mil

Bag Width: 2" - 54"

Bag Length: 3" - 60"

Our custom-printed bags can hold a larger capacity and make an attention-grabbing display.

Make the poly bag you need instead of buying the one we have. Custom poly bags are an easy way to get the size you need or print the bag with your logo or other important product information.

We can custom make an assortment of gauges and sizes. If you would like to brand the bags with your company logo or other pertinent product information we can also custom print on them. Fill out the form above in order to request a quote. Should we need any additional information a representative will contact you promptly.

Our MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity is determined by the above characteristics of the bag. For instance, on the lowest end of the spectrum a 3" x 3" 1.5 mil custom poly bag, being the smallest size and thinnest gauge, would require an MOQ of around 200,000 bags. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a 30" x 36" 6 mil custom poly bag would have an MOQ of just 5,000 bags. Feel free to submit your known or estimated monthly, quarterly or yearly bag usage.

We know not everyone is a bag expert that is why we are here to help. The more information you can give us on how you plan to use these bags the better we will be able to assess whether the size, gauge, and material will work for your application. Please use this space to let us know what kind of use you will be giving these bags. This will help us confirm that you are requesting a quote for what you need.

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