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Anti-Static Bags

Anti-Static Bags

Our Static Control product range is perfect for shipping, packing and storing individual computer chips and electronic equipment from tiny & small sized chips, to large laptop and computer components.

We offer a wide variety of anti static and static-free products in the form of anti static bags, ziplock bags and clear poly tubing. Whether or not you need Faraday Cage Protection, we have the right product to package your static sensitive goods.

If you are currently buying these products, you'll appreciate our low prices, easy ordering process, no minimum order, fast delivery and high quality. We know what you demand and pledge to be the standard-bearer in both quality and customer service.

If you are searching for the right product for the first time, our seasoned veterans are available to assist you in selecting just the right product to match your requirement. We enjoy helping our customers in finding the right anti static bag or tubing for their needs.

6" x 8" 4 Mil Pink Antistatic Zip Top Bags

We Use These For Dispensing

We use these for dispensing bulk meds to show that the bags cannot be reused.

100% of 100

18" x 24" 2 Mil Pink Anti Static Poly Bags

Great Product

We ship static sensitive items everyday. we use anti static bags to protect computer equipment

100% of 100

13" x 18" 4 Mil Pink Antistatic Zip Top Bags

Good Quality And Nice Price.

Good quality and nice price.

80% of 100

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