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Anti Static Slider Cushion Pouches

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3 Items

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Slide Seal Pink Anti-Static Bubble Pouches - ValuZip™

IMPORTANT: These items are special-order only. Prices are subject to quotation at the time of your request. Lead time for shipment is 10 days.

Meet the ultimate solution for protecting your sensitive electronic components - our Slide Seal Pink Anti-Static Bubble Pouches. These pouches are designed with a pink anti-static bubble lining that safeguards your products from both physical damage and static electricity, which is especially harmful to electronic devices.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use: Our pouches come with a convenient slide seal closure, allowing you to easily insert your items and securely seal the pouch. No need for additional sealing methods like tape or heat.
  • Superior Protection: The pouches are lined with bubble material that provides excellent cushioning protection against shocks, drops, and vibrations during transit.
  • Anti-Static Design: The pink film of the pouches is engineered to reduce static electricity buildup, minimizing the risk of static discharge that could damage sensitive electronic components.
  • Universal Anti-Static Color: The pink color of our pouches is universally recognized as anti-static*, helping you easily identify your static-sensitive items.
  • These Bags Do Not Provide Faraday Cage Protection: Formulated for reduced static buildup. Not formulated to protect from externally generated static electricity.
  • Free Samples Available: You may request free samples to evaluate the bags before making a purchase, ensuring satisfaction and suitability for their specific needs.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in four sizes to accommodate different products, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your items.

Try our Slide Seal Pink Anti-Static Bubble Pouches today for the most reliable and worry-free way to ship your electronic components. Their superior protection and ease of use make them a favorite amongst many businesses.

*Please note that the actual shade of pink may vary, as this product is not marketed to represent the color shown. The actual hue of pink and amount of tint is not intended for specific color requirements beyond standard industrial anti-static identification.

Please note that we do not sell Ziploc brand bags.

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