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Amber Poly Bags UV Resistant

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Amber UV Bags: Unrivaled Protection for Light-Sensitive Items

  • Maximum UV Protection: Shields electronics, films, and more from UV rays.
  • Recommended for Electronics and More: Ideal for sensitive items.
  • Preserve Photo-Sensitive Products: Keeps photo materials vivid.
  • Certified Quality: Meets FDA and USDA standards.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Meets USP XXII and USPIII procedure 66.1.
  • Prime Quality Seal: Ensures extra protection.
  • Guard Against Deterioration: Prevents damage from UV exposure.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Maintains effectiveness for up to 2 years.
  • Versatile Usability: Suitable for various light-sensitive items.
  • Try Before You Buy: Request free samples.
  • "Lay Flat" Design: Compact and manageable.
  • "Open Top" Closure: Convenient access, secure with twist ties, tape, or heat sealer.

Trust our Amber UV Bags for ultimate protection.

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