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6 Mil Flat Poly Bags on Rolls

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6 Mil Clear Poly Bags on Rolls | Robust Protection for Extra Heavy Duty Applications

Feel the security of our 6 Mil Clear Poly Bags on Rolls, the ideal solution for demanding applications requiring superior strength and durability. These bags are designed with a focus on resistance to punctures and friction, making them perfect for environments where robust protection is essential.

Key Features:

  • Convenient "On-a-Roll" Packaging:

    Mount these to your wall or table-mounted dispenser for easy access. Perforations keep them neatly connected until needed, allowing for effortless dispensing.

  • Exceptional Strength and Durability:

    Made from 6 mil thick polyethylene, these bags are built to withstand extreme conditions, providing reliable protection against punctures and tears.

  • FDA/USD​A Approved:

    These bags meet stringent FDA and USDA standards, ensuring they are safe for food and pharmaceutical use, making them a versatile option for a variety of industries.

  • Heat Sealable:

    Equipped with the ability to be sealed securely using a 5 mm or wider thermal impulse heat sealer, ensuring contents are kept safe and contamination-free.

  • Moderate Industrial Clarity::

    While manufactured for strength, these bags still offer moderate clarity, making it easy to identify contents without sacrificing durability.

  • Versatile Application:

    Ideal for use in settings that require extra heavy-duty protection, including industrial, food service, and healthcare environments where safety and reliability are paramount.

  • BPA-Free and Food Safe:

    Free from harmful BPA (bisphenol A), specifically designed to securely store food products.

  • Customization Options:

    Available in various sizes and can be customized with specific features to meet the unique needs of different operations, enhancing their functionality and application scope.

Choose our 6 Mil Clear Poly Bags on Rolls for your most challenging packaging needs, where durability, safety and clarity are crucial. Perfect for industries looking for robust protection, these bags deliver performance you can trust.

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