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6 Mil Pink Anti Static Tubing

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Poly Tubing Sealers and Dispensers

6 Mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

The heavy-duty solution for your static-reducing packaging needs. Designed to provide maximum protection, this tubing offers a range of features that make it ideal for various applications. Here are the key highlights of this product:

  • Heavy-duty construction: 6 mil film offers maximum puncture protection for electronics and other static sensitive products.

  • Mil spec: Meets full static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D, Type II

  • ANSI standards: Meets full static decay requirements of EIA-541

  • Amine-free and non-corrosive: Safe for polycarbonate surfaces

  • Dry climate ready: Superior performance in low relative humidity

  • Static reduction design: Surface resistivity of less than one times 10 to the twelfth power

  • Heat sealable: Make custom-sized bags using a Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer

  • Reduces inventory: Versatile for various item lengths, easily cut and sealed. No need to stock multiple sizes of pre-made bags

  • Custom options: You can order special widths, configuration, vents, etc. to be manufactured for your unique application

  • Antistatic: Excellent resistance to static discharge. Static dissipative pink polyethylene

With our 6 mil pink anti-static poly tubing, you can create your own anti-static poly bags, enjoy excellent resistance to static discharge, and benefit from its heat sealability. It's compatible with Poly Tubing Dispensers. Explore the possibilities this tubing offers for your static controlled packaging requirements and experience its reliable performance.

*Please note that the actual shade of pink will vary, as this product is not marketed to represent the color shown. Pink tint is the universally recognized color to identify poly film and bags as having an additive that reduces the static build up that is inherent to extruded LDPE film, bags and tubing. The actual hue of pink and amount of tint is not intended as a reliable feature for a specific color requirement outside of standard industrial anti-static identification.

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