Hand Sealers with Cutter

Hand Sealers with Cutter

Safe, economical and built-to-last, these popular thermal impulse heat sealers with cutter are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

In addition to sealing your polyethylene, polypropylene, foil and Surlyn, Mylar, bubble pack and PVC bags for a professional, appealing appearance, these plastic bag sealers simultaneously cut off the excess plastic beyond the seal for a truly finished look.

There is a wide range of quality among available plastic bag sealers. Discount Plastic Bags and Packaging, LLC has chosen to offer only the highest quality plastic bag sealers.

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16" Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer with Cutter and 2.6mm Seal

Great Product

Has a good cutter and seals quickly and nicely. Good quality for the price.

12" Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer with Cutter

You Went Above And Beyond To Make Sure …

You went above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to keep our business rolling. Thank you!