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4 Mil Pink Anti Static Tubing

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Poly Tubing Sealers and Dispensers

4 Mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

The perfect solution for packaging static-sensitive, heavy-weight, odd-length items, or long cylinder objects. This versatile tubing offers a range of features that make it ideal for a variety of applications.

Here are the key highlights of this product:

  • Customizable fit: Our 4 Mil anti-static poly tubing allows you to package your items with a custom fit every time. Simply seal both ends using bag tape, a bag sealer, twist ties or cable ties, providing optimal protection and tailored packaging for your products. You may also choose to leave the ends open, using the cut tubing as a sleeve.
  • Impressive clarity: This tubing is made from low-density polyethylene, ensuring impressive clarity for a 4 mil industrial product. You can easily see the contents of the package, making storage and organization simple, whether it's for industrial or retail applications.
  • Heat sealable: Our heavy-weight plastic tubing can be easily sealed using a Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer. This provides a secure closure, ensuring your items are well-protected during storage and transportation.
  • Antistatic properties: The pink color additive in our poly tubing indicates its antistatic properties. It meets the static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81705E, Type III, and EIA-541, effectively dissipating static charges and minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive components.
  • Sustainable and recyclable: Our 4 Mil pink anti-static poly tubing is made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, which can be recycled. This ensures that you not only protect your products but also contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Amine-free: Our antistatic product is Amine-free, which means it won't harm the items being packaged. This feature is especially crucial when dealing with delicate or sensitive materials.
  • Flexible and cost-effective: By using our poly tubing, you can add flexibility to your packaging line without the need to invest in a variety of expensive bags. The tubing accommodates various item sizes and shapes, making it an efficient solution.
  • Convenient packaging: The tubing is provided on rolls, boxed for easy handling and storage. This allows for efficient use and ensures that you have an adequate supply on hand whenever you need it.

Our 4 Mil Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing is designed to provide protection and flexibility for your static-sensitive packaging requirements. Whether you're in the industrial, food service, or medical industry, this versatile tubing offers impressive clarity, antistatic properties, and customizable fit for a wide range of applications.

*Please note that the actual shade of pink will vary, as this product is not marketed to represent the color shown. Pink tint is the universally recognized color to identify poly film and bags as having an additive that reduces the static build up that is inherent to extruded LDPE film, bags and tubing. The actual hue of pink and amount of tint is not intended as a reliable feature for a specific color requirement outside of standard industrial anti-static identification.

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