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I Bar Sealers

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Our I Bar Sealers with roller bars are an economical method of keeping your roll of POF or PVC shrink film, poly bags on rolls or poly tubing conveniently placed together for the easiest means of dispensing and sealing. There are some notable features to differentiate which sealers are best for shrink films vs. those best suited for poly bags and tubing.

Here are the key features of the two available styles below:

For Shrink Films

The sealers without a cutter are equipped with a round seal bar for cut and seal applications. This works best with shrink films. One action of sealing results in a clean cut with no overhang. To use these sealer for shrink film simply start to unwind the roll (film unwinding from the bottom), place a seal at the leading edge, pull out enough film to place your product inside of the film from the right open edge, seal and cut the back side of the film behind your package then turn the product counter clockwise and seal the one open side where you inserted your product. You are then ready to shrink and move on to your next package.

For Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls (Autobags) or Flat Poly Bags on Rolls

Sealing poly bags requires a flat sealing bar. 2.7 mm flat sealing bars are standard on our I Bar Sealers w/Cutter, but they must be ordered as an option for the ones that do not cut. Because Autobags are already cut, you may choose not to purchase the sealer with a cutter. Be sure to contact us to order your I Bar Sealer for this application so that we can send a flat sealing bar along with your sealer. The Film Roller will hold your roll of bags, leaving both hands free to pull out the next bag, fill it, then sel it.

For Poly Tubing

Our I Bar Sealers w/Cutter are the perfect solution for holding the roll of poly tubing in place prior to making your seals. The standard 2.7 mm sealing bar will seal tubing as heavy as 4 Mil very nicely. Simply place the roll of poly tubing on the film roller and feed it through the sealing bar to the length desired. The cutter that slides above the sealer bar makes professional, clean cuts a breeze. Avoid the hassle of dealing with cumbersome dispensers and the core plugs that they usually require.

Contact us for guidance to ensure the right I Bar Sealer for your application.

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