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  • Elite Loyalty Points Programs

    Elite Loyalty Points Programs

Earn Points With Every Purchase on DiscountPlasticBags.com

DiscountPlus® • You Have Earned It!

Earning points is easy with DiscountPlus®. Just make a purchase, and earn at least 100 points per dollar spent on product (taxes and shipping charges excluded). We track it for you. It’s that simple.

Your points stay active for two years after your last purchase. Whether you buy frequently or not, this gives you time to accumulate benefits for your loyalty.

Of course we won’t rest on your loyalty. We are committed to earning it just as we have since 2005. Low prices, high quality, low shipping costs and fast delivery are always our focus when serving your packaging needs.

This program was designed to say, “Thanks!” We’ll keep doing everything possible to serve you better, faster and with high value.


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