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Hang Hole Poly Bags

Hang HoleHang Hole

The “Hang Hole” designation seen on some of our bags indicates a small (1/8” to 1.4”) vent hole which is clean punched to allow hanging on a peg board or display stand.

Our ValuZip® Lock Top Bags have this hang hole centered above the pressure-sensitive zipper closure. If the space above the seal is not sealed, these bags may be removed from the hanging peg, opened and then reclosed and placed back on the hanging peg.

Our Lip-N-Tape Resealable bags have the hang hole in the space above the seal at the opposite of the open end. This is what we call a “bottom loading” bag, as the open end is on the bottom. These bags may be opened and closed while hanging without the need to remove them from their peg.

These are the two most common bag designs with hang holes we offer. If you have any questions about these or any other product with the “Hang Hole” icon, please contact one of our trained professional representatives for answers to your questions regarding the most suitable product to provide you with a successful package.

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