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Poly Bag Appearance and Packaging

We receive many inquiries regarding the packaging of poly bags. The market is full of a variety of different packaging methods, and if this is something important to you, we highly recommend that you contact us prior to placing your order to discuss your options.

Domestic Products

With a few notable exceptions, the vast majority of domestic U.S. produced poly bags are manufactured and packaged for industrial use. This means that they are designed to perform a variety of tasks, but not to maintain a visual standard.

Domestic bags which are not on rolls will be packed loosely in corrugated boxes. They are not typically folded in a neat manner, thus they will usually have irregular wrinkles and creases from the folds. Adding to this appearance difference is that they are tightly packed in order to make them ship efficiently. This results in those folds and wrinkles becoming almost permanent after storage in our facilities, shipment in often hot conditions and further storage in your facility.

Imported Products

Almost all imported bags come from China, but they all come from areas of the world where labor costs are very low. The foreign manufacturers from which we purchase these items can employ people to do the mundane, repetitive task of folding the bags neatly, counting them and placing them into "sub packs" inside of each carton.

While some imported bags will still have creases resulting from folds as described above, they are far less likely to have the irregular wrinkles that are common among domestically produced bags.

Bags and Tubing on Rolls

Whether domestic or imported, bags/tubing on rolls are (unless otherwise specified) rolled onto 3 inch i.d. heavy duty cardboard cores. The ends of these cores will have plastic core plugs with a one inch i.d. hole for mounting onto one inch diameter pipe dispensers.

Putting bags/tubing on rolls does not guarantee a wrinkle free result in industrial poly products. Again, the equipment is made to produce products destined for tasks, not appearance. Folds can form in the rolling process and continue throughout the roll, resulting in a wrinkle being literally ironed into the plastic film.

Shrink Films and Other High Performance Films

PVC and POF shrink fillms, as well as some other types of higher end flexible films are rolled using different winding equipment and more sophisticated manufacturing process which result in products designed to have a perfect, wrinkle-free appearance suitable for the retail shelf. Because the intended end use of these products is so different, they justify the additional manufacturing expense which is also reflected in the cost of the final product.

Consult the Experts

Our highly trained and sometimes over-rated staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the right product for your application. Not everything we know can be written here without putting 90% of our visitors to sleep.

Please call or write to us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the suitability of a particular product for your application. We want to help you make the right choice the first time so that you'll return confidently every time thereafter.

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