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Bags Made with Recyclable PP Plastics

Recyclable PP BagsRecyclable PP Bags

Polypropylene (PP) carries the numeric recycling code of 5. This recycling code remains the same irrespective of the method of extrusion used to create the finished product.

Polypropylene Bags – We offer three types of polypropylene (a.k.a. PP), each defined by either its method of extrusion or post-extrusion manipulation.

Here are the three different versions of polypropylene products offered by Discount Plastic Bags.

Blown Polypropylene – Although this is the least expensive method of extruding polypropylene, you will find that it still maintains clarity and strength that is superior to low density or linear low density polyethylene.

Coextruded Polypropylene – Coextrusion is the process of two separate but aligned extrusion dies that create two layers of film that become one stronger layer as a result. It can be blown, but it is more commonly cast. The practical result is greater strength at lower gauges (mil thickness) than monolayer films.

BOPP Bags – The highest clarity and gloss of all PP bags (and films), this process involves stretching a cast PP film simultaneously in both machine and transverse directions. The benefits extend beyond clarity into a higher strength than any other polypropylene product.

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