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Custom Packaging

Create your own custom bag design

Here are a few reasons to custom make a stand up pouch:

Full Color Rotogravure Printing Makes Your Bag Look Amazing!

Custom Match of Materials and Gauge Optimize Barrier Protection.

Stand Up Pouches Give Your Product a Premium Packaging Look

Laminated bags offer you some of the greatest protection of your product.

Our custom-printed bags can hold a larger capacity and make an attention-grabbing display.

Custom laminated Packaging

When having a laminated pouch custom made we work with you to decide the best materials, size, and presentation for your product. Often times we see people choose more material than they need by either getting a bag that is thicker or larger than what is needed. By helping you carefully choose the best solution for your need we save you money. Our goal is to help you find the best value for your investment.

The Process

To receive a quote from us fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our packaging experts to confirm we have received your request and to review the information with you to make sure we understand all of your requirements as well as to review any artwork you have.

Depending on the complexity of the job we will take up to 48 hours to get you a quote on price and lead time. We will also provide you a print proof for you to review and approve prior to our sending it to be manufactured.

Standard Stand Up Pouch Sizes

The most common Stand Up Pouch sizes are:

1 oz. - 3 1/8" wide x 5 1/8" tall + 2" Bottom Gusset

2 oz. - 4" wide x 6" tall + 2 1/2" Bottom Gusset

4 oz. - 5" wide x 8" tall + 3 1/2" Bottom Gusset

8 oz. - 6" wide x 9" tall + 3 1/2" Bottom Gusset

12 oz. - 6 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" tall + 3 1/2" Bottom Gusset

16 oz. - 7" wide x 11 1/2" tall + 4" Bottom Gusset

2 lb. - 9" wide x 13 1/2" tall + 4 3/4" Bottom Gusset

5 lb. - 11 7/8" wide x 19" tall + 5 1/2" Bottom Gusset

Materials and Options

There are a number of options to take into consideration when custom making your own packaging. Chief amongst these is to take into consideration what function it needs to perform and how it will be used by your customers. 

Amongst these options are:

- Barrier materials

- Specific films depending on application

- Hang holes

- Tear Notches

- Closures

- Gussets

- Finishing options

- Valve

- Spouts

- Rounded Corners

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