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Where is your warehouse? Find a location near you.

You probably want to know the location of the warehouse from which your order will ship. With most of our products, the originating shipping point is determined by the location to which you want to have your product shipped.

We say "most" of our products, as not every product is in every warehouse. Many factors go into the distributiion of our products, but outside of bag sealers, a few specialty bags and a handful of other specialty items, most of our products are available from a large network of coast to coast distribution centers and factories.

One of the reasons we can offer our Low Cost Shipping Guarantee is because we charge you from the closest of five regional distribution hubs. Even if we have to ship from California to Maine, our customers in Maine pay only for shipping as if it originated in our Massachusetts hub. To make the deal even sweeter, all of our shipping calculations are based on UPS estimates using our volume discount.

If you need something overnight or other expedited option, we suggest that you contact us prior to placing your order. This is an opportunity to save the overnight charges, as many of our products arrive the next day anyway. It is also a safeguard against items being out of stock in one location and having to be shipped from another that is farther away from you. We ship fast, and we want to make sure you get the right product at the right time.

Customer Pick Up is an option if you are close to one of our warehouses that has your item(s) in stock. Just make sure to call or chat first to ensure that the item(s) can be ready and available. No transactions are done at the dock.  All orders must be placed and paid online or via phone prior to being picked up.

Again, no single location has every product, but here is a list of our top 16 distribution centers:

Atlanta, GA - D,M*
Aurora, CO (Denver) - D*
Austell, GA (Atlanta) - D*
Bensenville, IL (Chicago) - D*
Carrollton, TX (Dallas) - D*
Commerce, CA (Los Angeles) - D*
Dallas, TX - D,M*
Ft. Lauderdale, FL - D*
Hayward, CA - D*
Kent, WA (Seattle) - D*
Manchester, IA (Cedar Rapids) - D,M*
Northridge, CA (Los Angeles) - D*
Phoenixville, PA (Philadelphia) - D*
Solon, OH (Cleveland) - D,M*
Sparks, NV (Reno) - D,M*
Sterling, MA - D,M*

* D = Distribution | M = Manufacturing

As you can see, we've got the USA well covered geographically.  Nothing in stock takes over 5 business days to deliver under normal conditions, but if you need to know that it will be there sooner, contact us for confirmation.

So that's the scoop on where you can find us. If you have any questions about specifics regarding your needs, we welcome your inquiries by phone, chat or email. Your inquiries will receive prompt, personal attention.

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