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Custom Products

What your product comes in is almost as important as the product itself. Apart from offering protection for your product your packaging is the impression that a customer will have with your brand.

If you cannot find the size that you need in our catalog, we can make it for you*. Call or write with your exact specifications and we will be happy to provide you with customized pricing, terms and delivery informaion.

They are a must have addition to your arsenal of shipping supplies.

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Past Projects

DPB Copper Kettle Corn Custom Packaging

fig 1.2 Copper Kettle Corn Custom Packaging g2021

Custom Flat Poly Bags

Custom printed poly bags are the most economical bag to print on. Its by far the most commonly printed bag and is used by businesses looking to personalize the packaging their product comes in. Made from virgin polyethylene resin these bags are FDA approved for direct contact with food and make a great light weight barrier to oxygen and moisture. These bags can be packed in a box or on a roll for easy deployment.

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Custom Poly Mailer

If you are selling your products online chances are your products are being sent in a poly mailer. Custom printing on a poly mailer helps your package stand out in your customers already crowded mailbox. Make sure that your mailer is the one catching their eye when they open their box.

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DPB Sugar Art Custom Packaging

fig 1.2 The Sugar Art Custom Packaging g2021

DPB Cassava Flour Custom Packaging

fig 1.2 Cassava Flour Custom Packaging g2021

Custom Reclosable Bag

Some things are best kept in a bag. Thats where reclosable ziplock bags come in. Your customer takes what they need and keeps the rest in by resealing it shut. Printing on a ziplock provides you the ability to give them important information like whats in the bag or how great your product is. You can also make it attractive by adding a flashy design and let your packaging stand out amongst the rest.

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Custom Stand-up Pouch

Laminated packaging is the Rolls Royce of plastic bags. A sandwich of different materials coming together to create the perfect barrier around your product. Printing on these creates the perfect packaging. Their premium feel creates the impression of having bought a luxury item.

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DPB Gorilla Dream Custom Packaging

fig 1.2 Gorilla Dream Custom Packaging g2021

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