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Welcome to the First Packaging Site Loyalty Program.

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You - our loyal customers - have helped us to become one of the internet’s most respected and fastest growing businesses in the world of packaging. Over the last few years, we have searched for a way to say thank you which would not require increasing our prices on quality products. 

DiscountPlus™ is the culmination of our efforts, and we believe that you’ll find plentiful options that not only make it easy to find the reward best suited to your needs, but maybe even difficult to make a choice!

Unlike our first effort to reward you with travel benefits alone, this program is entirely self-implemented by Discount Plastic Bags. No more worries about rules being changed in the middle of the game by third party providers.

You will even have the ability to earn additional benefits more quickly by qualifying for our Elite Customer status. Those who qualify will have that status grandfathered now, so you can enjoy many of the benefits resulting from your previous purchases.

This program is designed by you and for you. While you will see new items and categories as we continue our efforts to reward your loyalty, your comments are always invited. Don’t be shy! Tell us what you would like to see, and we’ll make every effort to make it available for you.

Again, we are pleased to welcome you to the most rewarding loyalty program in our business. Enjoy!

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