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Food Service Gloves

If you have ever chopped a spicy pepper without gloves you no doubt understand the value of using them to protect your hands. Gloves are a basic staple in any commercial kitchen, deli, or supermarket. They make cleaning easier, processing food more hygienic, and protect your customers and your employees. 

These are the different types of food service gloves we carry:

Latex yellow flock lined gloves are up to the most demanding kitchen cleaning tasks. Wash dishes, clean countertops, and mops floors while keeping your hands protected from any chemicals used to clean kitchen implements and work surfaces. The flock lining will wick away perspiration and keep your hands feeling comfortable while you do so.

Nitrile gloves offer the greatest protection and are great for handling hot peppers, animal fats, or citrusy fruits. These gloves conform closely to the shape of your hand offering you greater control and precision when using sharp tools such as knives. Nitrile gloves have better chemical resistance than latex or vinyl. 

Vinyl gloves are affordable and lightweight yet tough enough to get the job done. These are single use gloves for non demanding applications. Vinyl gloves conform to the shape of your hand better than polyethylene gloves making them a better disposable glove for applications which require fine motor skills.

Our gloves come in a variety of sizes and in convenient boxes to make distributing them in different areas of your kitchen easy.

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