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Standard Biodegradable Take Out Bags

Standard Biodegradable Take Out Bags

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

Send your customers on their way with a positive impression. Discount Plastic Bags' Take Out Bags are made from strong, economical HDPE that will not easily tear or leak. The deep gussets help the bags to stay upright, avoiding tipping (Oh those nasty spills!) during transit. This construction also makes them easy to fill, improving your output time during those busy hours of the day. Our bags offer an integrated carry handle for your customers' convenience. They are available in sizes designed to fit standard take out containers. The white opaque color communicates "clean" to your customers, giving them added confidence in your handling of their food during preparation and packaging. These bags are oxy-biodegradable, made with a special controlled-life additive that allows them to decompose in the presence of sunlight and oxygen within 18 months of exposure. Secure when you load them, but not a long term environmental danger.

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