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Plastic Gloves

Plastic Gloves

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

The glove for your need is at hand. Our non disposable and disposable gloves are meant to be used as personal protective equipment to protect your hands from hazards. With most gloves having at least 3 different sizes it is easy to ensure you get a glove that fits and works comfortably. These gloves are intended to be used as work gloves for use in food handling, medical and harmful liquid handling. Our large selection ensures your hands will find protection from cuts and abrasions, chemicals, heat and the most demanding work environments.

Our gloves come in different sizes, materials and uses. Materials used in our gloves include latex, polyethylene, nitrile, cotton lisle, leather, pvc and string knit.

If you have a specific question about any gloves use or specifications just let us know.

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