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Heat Sealable Bags, Tubing & Sealers

Heat Sealable Bags

Heat Sealable Plastic Bags, tubing and sheeting, whether LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE or any form of Polypropylene, contain the molecular characteristics that react positively to properly applied equipment designed to seal these products with controlled heat. This means that you may buy our products displaying this icon with confidence that you will have the option to seal them after they are packaged.*

This is just one of the many reasons that flexible plastic packaging remains the leader in keeping products of value clean, presentable, dry and protected from exposure to most exterior liquids. Nice heat seals have the added benefit of a more professional appearance than do ties, knots or other more crude closures in many applications.

Tamper evidence is another benefit of a heat sealed package. While other closures can have their pilferage concealed, a properly applied heat seal makes that impossible at best and extremely difficult at worst. You can give your customers the security of knowing that their item(s) contain 100% of that which you packaged, be it for shipping or retail display.

IMPORTANT: Leak-Proof applications of flexible packaging require specials blends of raw materials to extend the temperature sealing range of the finished bag, sheeting or tubing. This is critical because while almost all of our flexible products can be sealed, only specific products will ensure the lowest likelihood of leaks when packaging liquids. All of our plastic products will protect your items from external moisture, and some may even be safely submerged.

We are here to guide you with selecting the right sealing equipment for your application. From tabletop hand sealers to high speed band sealers, we can provide the right sealers required for almost anything on the site.

Consult our trained Customer Service Representatives to ensure that the equipment you buy or currently own will properly seal the product(s) you plan to buy.

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