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A Comprehensive Guide to Poly Mailers and Shipping Supplies

What are poly mailers?

Poly mailers are a type of poly bag shaped like envelopes and are used to mail goods via USPS(Post Office) or other couriers like UPS and FedEx.

They typically feature a tamper evident seal on top which must be torn open in order to get into them. Poly mailers are a great way to reduce your shipping costs rather than using bulky and expensive to ship corrugated boxes.

They are a must have addition to your arsenal of shipping supplies.

What kind of poly mailers are there?

While all poly mailers serve the same purpose, different ones have one or more unique features which allows them to perform a specific function. Amongst the ones we carry are:

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Regular 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers - This is the most commonly used poly mailer and is considered the “industry standard”. They are light weight and only include an adhesive strip which you pull off and fold over to seal the bag shut.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

2.5 Mil Tear Strip Poly Mailers - Apart from an adhesive strip these mailers also include a simple tear strip on top which facilitates the opening of the package once it is received. It can be used to make the opening of the shipping bag fuss free.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

3 Mil Heavy Duty Mailers - This one has the same adhesive strip as the regular 2.5 Mil Mailer but is made a little thicker to make it stronger. If what you are shipping is bulky or pointy or heavy then it is recommended you use a mailer that will be able to withstand the transit so your product makes it to your customer intact.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Expansion Poly Mailers - Apart from the adhesive strip these mailers also come with a gusset on the bottom giving them a larger internal volume and giving you a cost effective way of shipping larger items in one mailing bag rather than using various bags.

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Poly Bubble Mailers - These mailers contain an inner layer made with bubble wrap on the inside. We carry four different types: metallic bubble mailers which come in an assortment of colors and are meant to stand out, kraft bubble mailers, white kraft bubble mailers which have a paper outside and polyethylene interior, and regular poly bubble mailers which are completely made out of polyethylene. 

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Clear View Mailers - These include an adhesive strip and feature one clear side and one white side. The clear side allows you to show off the illustration on what you are mailing. This is typically used for magazines and other literature.

How are mailers used?

Poly mailers are used to ship products across the country and must be strong enough to withstand any abuse they might endure on the way to their destination. They take a beating so your products don’t need to. As polyethylene has excellent barrier properties mailers which are properly sealed can be considered to be weather proof.

What industries use poly mailers?

Mainly ecommerce businesses looking for an economical and effective way of shipping their goods. Pretty much any business that is shipping is going to use poly mailers for some part of their order fulfillment. Small, medium, and large sized businesses turn millions of mailers over to shipping companies each year as it is one of the most cost effective ways to mail goods via a shipping carrier.

What should I take into consideration when using a poly mailer?

Size is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a mailer. You have to make sure your product fits. The two variables we need to define for this are the minimum mailer width and minimum mailer length. The formula we use to figure this out is as follows:

Width+Depth+1" = Minimum width

Minimum mailer width equals the width of your product plus its depth (thickness), plus add one. This will give you the minimum width your mailer will need to be. That is Width+Depth+1"= The minimum width your mailer needs to be.

Length+Depth+2" = Minimum length

Minimum mailer length equals the length of your product plus it's depth to it and add around 2 inches. This will give you the minimum length your mailer will need to be. That is Length+Depth+2"= minimum mailer length.

For example

A product that has the following measurements:
Width 6, depth 2, and length 8 would need a poly mailer that is at least 9 x 12.
Minimum width: 6+2+1 = 9
Minimum length: 8+2+2= 12

Common poly mailer size chart by industry:

Poly Mailers Guide Image

What size poly mailer for clothing

12 x 15.5" - You will be able to fit up to three t shirts, one dress, two jeans or two dress shirts.

Anything larger such as a jacket or sweater we recommend looking an expansion poly mailer such as a 13 x 16 +4" BG Expansion Poly Mailer.

9 x 12" poly mailers may be used for a single t shirt or other small lightweight clothing such as under garments.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Poly Mailers for Shoe Boxes

Most shoe boxes will fit in a 20 x 24" expansion mailer. A "typical" shoe box measures around 10 x 5 x 14 inches.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Poly Mailers for bed sheets, linens and light blankets

A 14.5 x 19" or a 19 x 24" poly mailer will work. A typically sized king bed sheet will come packed in a box measuring 9 x 4.25 x 9

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Poly mailers for duvets and other large or bulky blankets

These items are bulky and are better served in a mailer that has a gusset on it. You will need a large expansion poly mailers for that such as our 26 x 28" +5BG expansion poly mailer.

Poly Mailers Guide Image

Poly mailers for tea, spices, or coffee

Small items that are already prepackaged in a durable poly bag or laminated packaging typically go in 6 x 9" and 9 x 12" mailers. These are some of the easiest items to measure as all you have to do is measure the bag which already protects the product.

Be advised that these are based on general sizing. If you are unsure if your product will fit contact us for a free sample to make sure that the size is appropriate for your product.

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