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Returnable Poly Mailers

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Inspire customer confidence by making it easy for your customers to send your products back to you.

Made from tear-proof polyethylene, these mailers will endure the journey from your place of business to your customers' hands.

How It Works

To make returns as easy as possible, include a return label with your product shipment. You may also want to include any instructions regarding compliance with your returns policy in order to make the process clear to your customers.

These mailers have two adhesive strips on the lip closure. Remove the tape from the strip closest to the end of the mailer, leaving the second strip covered with the protective tape.

Insert your customer's order into the mailer, then close the lip securely with our tight bonding adhesive tape. When they receive the order, they'll have a second unused tape strip that they may use for returns.

It's that simple!

See our Poly Mailer Shipping Guide for more information.

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