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6 Mil Black Poly Tubing

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8 Items

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Black Opaque Extra Heavy Duty Poly Tubing - 6 Mil (LDPE) film.

Excellent choice for reducing exposure to light and prying eyes.

  • Easy Customization: You can easily cut and seal the plastic to create bags of various sizes using one roll width. This versatility saves you the hassle of stocking multiple bag sizes.
  • Heat Sealable: This tubing can be easily sealed using bag sealers with a 5mm or 10mm seal width. This feature provides a secure closure to protect your items. Can also be tied, stapled, cable tied, or taped shut.
  • FDA and USDA Approved: All widths of our Stock 6 Mil Clear Poly Tubing are approved by the FDA and USDA, making them safe for use with food items.
  • Excellent Strength and Resistance: This plastic tubing is designed with significant resistance to punctures, scuffs, and scrapes, ensuring your items are well-protected.
  • Use with Poly Tubing Dispensers: For easy and efficient dispensing of the tubing, we offer Poly Tubing Dispensers.

Choose our Stock 6 Mil Black Poly Tubing for your toughest applications. This tubing is strong, reliable, and customizable to meet your specific needs.

*Diameter calculation: Poly tubing flat width x 2 / 3.14 = diameter of tubing in a cylindrical shape.

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