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11" x 19" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Produce Bags on Rolls Printed "5 a Day" - 1,200/Roll

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  • Produce bags printed "5 A Day"
  • Made with strong, lightweight high density polyethylene
  • Packed on convenient rolls for easy dispensing
  • Packed 1,200 bags per roll

Also available 825 bags/roll.  Check out the following link for this option.

SKU 108390 - 11" x 19" 0.50 Mil High Density Produce Bags on Rolls Printed "5 a Day" - 825/Roll

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Shipped Weight:

9 lbs


1,200 Bags per Roll


Polyethylene LDPE



11 Inches


19 Inches


0.5 Mil

Product Properties


1,200 Bags per Roll

Operational Temperature:

20 - 170 F

Melting Point:

230 - 275 F

Shelf Life:

5-10 years, when properly stored.

Storage Instructions:

Store at temperatures less than 140 degrees F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Shipping Specifications

Case Length (in):


Case Width (in):


Case Height (in):


Case Cube (in):


Case Weight (lbs/Case):


Cases/Master Carton:




Compares To

Compare Uline:


Compare Interplas:



11" x 19" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Produce Bags on Rolls Printed "5 a Day" | 1,200/Roll | Informative Protection Solutions

Use these 11" x 19" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Produce Bags on Rolls, prominently printed with a "5 a Day" message to promote healthy eating habits. These bags are designed to not only protect produce but also encourage consumers to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Made from lightweight yet robust high-density polyethylene, these bags are perfectly suited for the demands of daily market use.

Key Features:

  • Durable HDPE Construction:

    Made from 0.5 mil high-density polyethylene, these bags offer reliable strength and are robust enough to handle additional fruits and vegetables, ensuring contents stay secure from market to home.

  • Educational Message:

    Each bag features the "5 a Day" slogan, effectively reminding customers of the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables, making it a subtle yet powerful tool for promoting healthy choices.

  • Surface Clarity:

    These bags provide good surface clarity, making it easy for customers to see and select their produce, enhancing their shopping experience.

  • Lightweight Efficiency:

    Despite their strength, these bags are light, ensuring they don’t add significant weight to the produce, which is essential for both shoppers and retailers.

  • FDA/USDA Compliant:

    Certified for food contact, these bags meet strict FDA and USDA standards, making them safe for direct contact with food.

  • Easy Dispenser Pack:

    Supplied in rolls of 1,200 with easy-to-use dispensing, these bags streamline the process of packaging and selection at the point of sale.

  • BPA-Free and Food Safe:

    Free from BPA, these produce bags ensure that food safety is maintained, safeguarding consumer health.

Optimize your market setup with our 11" x 19" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Produce Bags on Rolls. These bags not only fulfill the practical requirement of carrying produce but also serve as an educational tool to promote a healthy lifestyle among your customers.

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