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24" x 17" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Food Grade Bags on Rolls with Twist Ties

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  • Protect your pans and improve warming results
  • Sturdy liners provide excellent protection
  • Packaged on convenient rolls
  • Packaged in dispenser carton
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Shipped Weight:

5 lbs


250 Bags per Roll


Polyethylene HDPE


24 Inches


17 Inches


0.5 Mil

Product Properties


250 Bags per Roll

Operational Temperature:

20 - 170 F

Melting Point:

230 - 275 F

Shelf Life:

5-10 years, when properly stored.

Storage Instructions:

Store at temperatures less than 140 degrees F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Shipping Specifications

Case Length (in):


Case Width (in):


Case Height (in):


Case Cube (in):


Case Weight (lbs/Case):


Cases/Master Carton:




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24" x 17" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Food Grade Bags on Rolls with Twist Ties | Multipurpose Protection Solutions

Introducing our 24" x 17" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Food Grade Bags on Rolls, engineered from high-quality high-density polyethylene to deliver superior protection for a multitude of applications. These bags, though lightweight, are robust enough to efficiently serve as steam pan liners and are also ideally suited for additional applications like dust covers and flat box liners.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality HDPE Material:

    Crafted from durable 0.5 mil high-density polyethylene, these bags ensure resilience and reliability without adding unnecessary weight, making them ideal for both intensive and everyday uses.

  • Designed for Versatility:

    Originally created to act as steam pan liners, these flexible bags can also be effectively used as dust covers or flat box liners, providing a versatile solution for various protective needs.

  • FDA/USDA Approved:

    Meeting strict FDA and USDA standards, these bags are certified safe for direct food contact, ensuring they can be used confidently in food service and preparation environments.

  • Surface Transparency:

    Although they provide low industrial clarity, these bags offer good surface transparency, making it easier to identify contents from outside of the bag—a crucial feature in many fast-paced settings.

  • Convenient Dispenser Pack:

    Packaged in a practical dispenser pack, these bags allow for easy access and streamlined usage, enhancing operational efficiency in commercial kitchens or storage areas.

  • Pure Material Composition:

    Made entirely from 100% virgin raw materials, these bags maintain the highest standards of quality and performance.

  • BPA-Free and Food Safe:

    Free from harmful BPA, these bags provide a safe storage solution for food products, ensuring no contamination.

  • Twist Ties Included:

    Each roll includes twist ties that facilitate easy and secure closing of the bags, making storage and management of contents hassle-free.

Optimize your covering and lining tasks with our 24" x 17" 0.5 Mil LK® Natural HDPE Food Grade Bags on Rolls. These bags offer an effective, lightweight solution for protecting goods and maintaining hygiene in a variety of settings, from kitchens to storerooms.

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