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3" x 4" 0.9 Mil Tuf-R® Plastic Bags 10,000 per Case

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Shipped Weight:

8 lbs


10,000 Bags per Case


Polyethylene LLDPE



3 Inches


4 Inches


0.9 Mil

Product Properties


10,000 Bags per Case

Operational Temperature:

20 - 150 F

Melting Point:

221 - 239 F

Storage Instructions:

Store at temperatures less than 120 degrees F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Shelf Life:

5-10 years, when properly stored.

Material Specifications

Material Specifications:

  • Low/Linear Low Density
  • Sulfur free
  • Amine and Silicone free
  • Latex free
  • BHT free (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene)
  • Chlorine free
  • PVC free

Recommended Usage

Recommended Usage:

  • Can be sealed with Twist Ties, a heat sealer, or bag sealing tape.
  • Recommended seal bar width for heat sealers: 1-3mm Seal
  • Minimum sealer length: 4 inches
  • If using for trash compactor 3 or 4 mil is recommended. See Trash Bags.
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520
  • Acid free and archival safe
  • Free of GMO's, fungicides and fumigants.

Product Restrictions

Product Restrictions:

  • These bags do not have a ziplock. See ziplocks.
  • Not treated for printing by end-user.
  • Not recommended for dry ice.
  • Not microwaveable. See microwaveable bags.
  • Cannot be used for baking or boiling. See baking or boiling bags.
  • Do not store in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Water-resistant not waterproof. See Leakproof Bags.
  • Cannot use with vacuum machine. See Vacuum Bags.
  • Not postal approved. See postal approved bags.
  • Not clean room approved.
  • Not UPS approved

Shipping Specifications

Case Length (in):


Case Width (in):


Case Height (in):


Case Cube (in):


Case Weight (lbs/Case):


Cases/Master Carton:







Controlled Life Additive:



Not Compostable

Compares To

Compare Uline:


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3" x 4" 0.9 Mil Tuf-R® Plastic Bags 10,000 per Case | Reliable Source Reduction Packaging

Our 0.9 Mil Tuf-R® Flat Poly Bags are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for your packaging dollars. These bags are designed to offer the same reliability as conventional LDPE bags ranging from 1.25 Mil to 1.5 Mil while providing unique advantages that enhance your packaging process.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed Performance:

    Our Tuf-R® Flat Poly Bags are guaranteed to perform like conventional LDPE bags ranging from 1.25 Mil to 1.5 Mil, ensuring reliable protection for your products.

  • Economical Shipping:

    Weighing less than their conventional counterparts, these bags are more economical to ship in the same quantity, saving you on shipping costs.

  • Space-Efficient Storage:

    With a smaller warehouse footprint requirement, our Tuf-R® Flat Poly Bags take up less space compared to conventional LDPE bags, optimizing your storage efficiency.

  • Lower Environmental Impact:

    Made with less material than their conventional counterparts, these bags contribute to a lower environmental impact, aligning with sustainable packaging practices.

  • Neat Sub Packs:

    Each pack contains 100 bags neatly packaged in another poly bag, making them easy to count and distribute to their required packaging station.

  • FDA Approved:

    Our TufR® bags are FDA approved for food and pharmaceutical contact, ensuring safe packaging for your sensitive products.

  • BPA Free:

    Free from harmful BPA, our bags offer peace of mind for storing food and pharmaceutical items securely.

  • Heat Sealable:

    These bags can be heat sealed for added security during storage and transport.

  • Free Samples:

    We offer free samples upon request, allowing you to test the quality and suitability of our bags before making a purchase.

Unique Discount Plastic Bags Benefits:

  • Five Star Guarantee:

    Backed by our industry-leading Five Star Satisfaction Guarantee, these bags are synonymous with quality and reliability.

  • Low Price Guarantee:

    With our Low Price Guarantee, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value. Should you find a qualified competitor offering a lower price, we'll match it upon request*.

  • DiscountPlus™ Points:

    Every purchase automatically earns you valuable DiscountPlus™ Points, our token of appreciation. Accumulate these points and redeem them for discounts on future orders or as personal rewards, showcasing our gratitude for your loyalty.

Experience the unmatched reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of our 0.9 Mil Tuf-R® Flat Poly Bags. Elevate your packaging process with guaranteed performance, economical shipping, and environmental consciousness.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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