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3" x 4" 3 Mil ESD Zip Top Static Shielding Bags - 3,000 Bags/Case

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Shipped Weight:

17 lbs


3,000 Bags per Case


Polyethylene Polyester Aluminum



3 Inches


4 Inches


3 Mil

Product Properties


3,000 Bags per Case

Operational Temperature:

-4 to 212F

Melting Point:

250 - 375F

Storage Instructions:

Store in dry, well ventilated room at around 68 degrees F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Shelf Life:

3 year when properly stored.

Material Specifications

Material Specifications:

  • Polyethylene / Polyester / Aluminum layers with anti-static coating
  • Faraday Cage protection and visibility for highly-sensitive components.
  • Meets physical and electrical requirements of ANSI/ESD S541, EIA 625¬†
  • Is ANSI/ESD S20.20 program compliant
  • Tested for MIL-STD 3010 4046 and ANSI/ESD STM11.11
  • Complies with California Prop 65 and CONEG heavy metal restrictions

Recommended Usage

Recommended Usage:

  • Bags can be sealed above the ziplock with a heat sealer.
  • Recommended seal width is: 5mm Seal
  • Minimum sealer length is: 4 Inches

Product Restrictions

Product Restrictions:

  • NOT FDA compliant
  • Avoid creasing as this may compromise shielding
  • Does not meet QPL Spec
  • Does not keep out UV light
  • Does not block radio signals



Not Recyclable

Controlled Life Additive:



Not Compostable

PCR Content:

0% PCR

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<p><strong>3" x 4" 3 Mil Reclosable Static Shielding Bags</strong></p> <p>Expertly designed to offer optimal protection, our 3" x 4" 3 Mil Reclosable Static Shielding Bags are perfect for safeguarding your sensitive electronic components during storage and shipping. They're engineered to provide a robust barrier against electrostatic discharge, ensuring your items remain static-free.</p> <p><strong>Key Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Buried Metal Construction:</strong> Doubles the protection against static discharge, adding an extra layer of safety for your products.</li> <li><strong>Amine/Amide-Free Interior:</strong> Prevents corrosion on polycarbonate surfaces and eliminates outgassing, maintaining the quality of your items.</li> <li><strong>Reclosable Pressure Zipper:</strong> Allows multiple access to contents while providing continuous static shielding. Ideal for intercompany transfers.</li> <li><strong>3 Mil Film Thickness:</strong> Shields against punctures from sharp corners, enhancing the durability of the bags.</li> <li><strong>Metal "Faraday Cage" Layer:</strong> Shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static buildup, ensuring comprehensive protection.</li> </ul> <p>While these bags are not QPL Certified, they meet the highest industry standards for quality and performance. Trust our Reclosable Static Shielding Bags for their superior protective features and robust design.</p>
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