Adhesive Plastic Bags

Adhesive Plastic BagsAdhesive Plastic Bags

The word “adhesive,” as used in many products on our site, represents a glue-like substance layered on one side of a product that causes it to adhere when it is in contact with another object and resist separation.

All of our tapes have adhesive backing  For more details on their respective resistance in specific environments, see the details in the category descriptions. This will help you to avoid disappointment in your applications.

Our Lip-n-Tape Self Sealing Bags have an adhesive strip covered by tape. When the tape is removed, the adhesive will stick to the other side of the bag at the location of your choice. Unlike the adhesive used on our tapes, these bags have a more forgiving adhesive that allows the bags to be reopened and closed many times.

Last but not least, our Packing List Envelopes all have a strong adhesive backing that is covered until you remove it for application to your outgoing package. Due to the critical nature of outgoing paperwork in shipping, this adhesive is designed to stick. Ship with confidence that your enclosure will arrive attached to your package.

As with any of our products, we have expert assistance available during our live business hours via chat, phone and email. It is always our pleasure to help you make the right choice.

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