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FDA Approved Plastic Bags & FDA Poly Bags

FDA Approved

Also known as USDA approved bags, FDA Approved plastic or poly food and medical bags, sheeting and tubing to qualify as FDA Approved for direct contact with food, pharmaceuticals, and other consumable products, they must meet a very strict set of criteria. Most trash bags are not FDA approved, although our coreless liners and many others do qualify as FDA approved.

The raw materials used to produce FDA Approved materials (a.k.a. “Food Grade”) must be virgin (never before processed/reprocessed), the manufacturing facility in which they are produced must meet their requirements and the packaging must be reasonably suitable to protect the product to arrive safely without contamination.

The vast majority of our products are FDA Approved. If you see a product on our website without the “FDA” icon that you think may have failed to receive the designation, simply contact us for confirmation.

For customers who need to have a letter confirming FDA Approval for your files, please let us know. We will be happy to provide a letter confirming this designation.

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