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Stainless Steel Bag Tape Sealer With Trimmer

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1 Sealer


Tightly seal poly bags in one quick motion.

This is a simple, economical way to close poly bags with vinyl packaging tapes. The stainless steel finish makes it perfect for food service environments. Capable of sealing 2,000 bags per hour and use only 2" of tape per seal. All steel construction with a sturdy base that can be mounted on any work surface. This standard sealer has a 3/8" wide throat and is equipped with a trimmer for a nice, neat appearance.

Easy to use...

Just twist the mouth of the poly bag and slide through the slot with a downward motion. Tape wraps around the bag neck instantly and the tape is trimmed automatically. To use the trimmer, slide the bag with a continuous downward motion through the trimmer. Requires no assembly or maintenance. Simply place the tape on the 3" core wheel and it is ready to use.

This sealer uses 3/8" x 180 yards (540 feet) polyvinyl pressure sensitive tape, which is available in eight colors: red, black, blue, green, orange, tan, white, and yellow. These colors can be used for color coding your products.

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