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A little known fact about flexible low density polyethylene is that it is not naturally suitable to temperatures below freezing. In fact, regular LDPE will become brittle in these conditions, and may crack upon extended exposure or when handled.

Although many of our customers report successful use of our regular poly bags in their home or restaurant freezers for short periods of time, we only guarantee success with our products that have the “Freezable” icon. These are products made from raw materials that are proven successful in sub-freezing environments.

Some common products that are approved for this use are our ice bags, vacuum sealer bags and polypropylene bags. Our trained professionals will be happy to guide you in the selection of the right product for your application.

We regularly hear from people using our regular ziplock bags in their freezer. If your quantity/financial requirements make that the most attractive option, we highly recommend that you purchase nothing under 4 Mil in thickness. This does not change the chemical makeup of the product, but it does give you a better chance of avoiding breakage. There is a reason that reclosable bags in your local market are sold as either “Freezer” or “Storage.”

Again, we do not guarantee any products not marked with our “Freezable” icon against breaking in frozen conditions. Items purchased for freezer applications that do not have this icon are purchased at your own risk and may not be returned under the quality defect provision defined in our Five Star Guarantee.

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