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The number of uses for flat poly bags is only limited by the imagination of the user.  Common applications include box liners, dust covers, furniture bags, mattress bags and pallet covers, but these are far from the infinitely long list of how we find our customers to be using our flat poly bags.

For more information on poly bag basics, see our, “What is a Poly Bag?” page.

Industrial Strength Flat Poly Bags keep products clean, reduce tampering and offer containment of their contents.  They may be used internally, inside of a box or envelope shipped to your customer or as the exclusive means of packaging from production to the shelf.  Our highly trained representatives are available to assist you with selecting correct sizing, gauge and other qualities to best suit your desired use.

What is an Industrial Poly Bag?

An industrial poly bag is most commonly produced using Low Density (LDPE) or Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).  Bags made from High Density (HDPE), Medium Density (MDPE) or any combination of the above may also correctly be referred to as “poly bags,” but you will find a clear distinction made in the description throughout

Industrial poly bags are economical, offering a high value ratio of productivity:cost.  Nothing else on the market has been as widely accepted in industry as the clear poly bag.  Prices rise and fall, as the raw materials used in production are sold as a worldwide commodity.  As production, demand and various ingredients increase or decrease, high percentage swings can occur.  We typically hold our stock pricing for longer periods of time, while custom pricing is constantly changing with the market conditions. 

Lighter gauges (product with less thickness or lower “mil”) are usually less expensive, while heavier gauges cost more. This is related to the initial cost of production being determined by the weight of the raw materials. Polyethylene resins (the raw material used to make our bags) is sold to us by the pound. Heavier gauges also use more warehouse space while they are stored to be ready for your availability....

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